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Concept and visual artist, editor. Always chasing the future. Graphic designer, illustrator and comic artist. Founder of the Valdichiana Media company, I also collaborate with Avatar Web Communication in the role of the art director. As a freelancer, by the name 'Owlet Studio' I work as a comic artist, illustrator, opinionist, know-it-all, aesthetics authority and graphic designer. In my spare time I work, I write, I draw, I love my husband, I care about the dramas of my cats, I gaze at the stars and I study to become a better piano player, composer and singer. I don't do sports.


Silent Kings of Void

A loveletter to the Cassini Mission to Saturn Everything began in January 1986, when the first picture of Uranus was released. At that time she was just a child, but seeing that cerulean ball left a deep mark on her.. Since then she had unconsciously started to look at the sky differently, staring at the…


At Dusk

I wrote this song a few years ago, but never recorded it. I’m still not quite satisfied by my vocals because I always record on my worst days, in the morning, maybe on my period… but we have to start somewhere. My enunciation of english words is not the best, I reckon, but I’m bad…


La mia condizione tra arte e fibromialgia

Scrivo questo articolo un po’ per sfogo, un po’ perché spero che possa essere utile a qualcuno. Il mio intento è quello di cercare di spiegare quello che sento e di riflettere sulla condizione di una disegnatrice affetta da sindrome fibromialgica: come si può conciliare il lavoro con il disturbo? Come trovare serenità ed equilibrio?…


Pici all’Aglione

This illustration belongs to a Valdichiana-related project. We need to do merchandise for our magazine and what better start than an appiciatrice? Pici is the typical pasta of Valdichiana, long thick fresh spaghetti usually served with cheese and pepper, aglione sauce (a kind of huuge garlic typical of Valdichiana), duck sauce, chianina beef sauce or…


Winter Queen

I am personally not a big fan of Christmas, it makes me sad and grinchy. I think it’s an ugly honliday, with all those stressed people crawling down the streets trying to find some crap to buy to fulfill the social protocol of GIFTS. Too bad that all the philosophy of the gift goes to hell…


Silenziosi re del vuoto

[Photo credits: NASA] Tutto era cominciato nel gennaio del 1986, quando la prima foto del pianeta Urano fu resa pubblica. Allora lei era solo una bambina, ma l’aspetto alieno di quella palla azzurra l’aveva segnata nel profondo. Inconsciamente, da allora aveva cominciato a guardare il cielo in modo diverso, a fissare la Luna e a…


Gaeda (She Tames the Light)

Lineart done for my project “Vocis Imago”. Gaeda Haelein Emiclar is an Artificer with a gift for crafting lenses with divine properties. She’s one of the main characters of the story; her Warrantor is Altair Kostar.   A short clip of the colouring process:

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