The Valkayan Light

The Valkayan Light, the queen of the beasts, the Anamepsi or Calacanto.
She’s a queen from my novel Vocis Imago. She never appears but she’s often named and invoked. Photoshop lineart. Will color one day.

Concept and visual artist, editor. Always chasing the future.

Graphic designer, illustrator and comic artist. Founder of the Valdichiana Media company, I also collaborate with Avatar Web Communication in the role of the art director. As a freelancer, by the name ‘Owlet Studio’ I work as a comic artist, illustrator, opinionist, know-it-all, aesthetics authority and graphic designer. In my spare time I work, I write, I draw, I love my husband, I care about the dramas of my cats, I gaze at the stars and I study to become a better piano player, composer and singer. I don’t do sports.

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