(photo by Dario Pichini)

Concept and visual artist, editor. Always chasing the future.

Graphic designer, illustrator and comic artist. Founder of the Valdichiana Media company, I also collaborate with Avatar Web Communication in the role of the art director. As a freelancer, by the name ‘Owlet Studio‘ I work as a comic artist, illustrator, opinionist, know-it-all, aesthetics authority and graphic designer. I Graduated in graphic design and photography with the highest grade in 2005 and I worked as an apprentice in internationally successful companies. Since 2011 I work as a freelancer.
Loving wife of writer and anthropologist Alessio Banini, in my spare time I work, I write, I draw, I take care my cats, I gaze at the stars and I study to become a better piano player, composer and singer. I don’t do sports.

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