Altair Jashal Kostar (He Shields the Frail)

Altair is another character from Vocis Imago/Act of Faith.
Back then, when time was young and Vocis Imago was nothing but a fantasy comic called “Spirits’ Shadows” (1998), this character did not exist. In his place, there was a redhead swordsman named Rhou Wailerg. Altair and Rhou have a lot in common, but Altair is, well, better.
He’s one of the four main characters, the one who’s more a regular guy without mental issues or unmentionable secrets. He is a normal person, working to sustain his family, responsible, caring. Of the four protagonists, he’s the one that’s less in the spotlight, but I have interesting plans for him.


A little timelapse of the making of:

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