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Concept and visual artist, writer, editor. Paving the way to my future. Founder of the Valdichiana Media company, freelancer. I have a conflictual degree in photography and graphic design. My current biggest interests are history (especially XVII century), chinese language and culture, astronomy and music. I play the piano really bad, I sing a tiny bit better, I compose little songs about cosmic void with too many time signature changes. Collecting doctors [in medicine].


Asherah – Daemon Inside

My husband is a writer, and he’s got a brand new website ( and he really needs a few custom illustrations of his characters. Asherah is a demon, and she belongs to the universe of Daemon Inside. She’s a sexy lethal warrior, always seen around with her companion Morkhai. Currently, she isn’t present in any…


Tristan & Martin – lineart

Third lineart, third couple. We’re still in the Nova Angeli office of Damascus, and now we’re about to meet the last two characters of our team: Tristan Damgaard, the youngest and newest element who doesn’t really want to be there that much, and Martin McCoy, senior agent with little patience, little tact and a tendence to…


Aglaja & Nikola – lineart

It’s LINEART TIME again!! Yay! Just as the previous portrait of Lars & Gretchen, this illustration is inspired by my novel The World Below (which I’m still writing and I’m fairly behind). I’m planning a set of portraits of the main characters (they’ll be 7 in total, I think) which will hopefully be followed by more…


Lars & Gretchen – lineart

I’ve been doing anything but drawing for quite a long time, if we don’t consider random sketches here and there, quick doodles that never took me more than 2 minutes to do (my instagram account has plenty of them). I love sketching down stuff, but there’s one thing that’s much more fun to do: linearts….

She Bears the Word

Vocis Imago

Vocis Imago is the name of another, more intricated book I’m writing. I don’t really plan to finish it very soon, so I’m working on the illustrations that will – possibly, if I don’t change my mind – accompany the text. I’m still not sure how much of these I will make, I have 3 ready and…


Your job is not a job

Since I was a child I’ve been told that “drawing” is not a job. It’s a stupid hobby and there is no chance to make a living out of it. In Italy there’s no market, nobody’s interested, nobody will publish your stuff. Well fuck them. Those were lies, and because of those lies I’ve grown…


A great tool for writing: Evernote

One of my biggest problem with writing – besides my tendency to be unbearably slow – was that I always had a hard time keeping my notes organized. In the last 15 years I’ve always kept my ideas, chapters and character profiles in word files, stored inside folders inside folders inside folders. I had the ‘characters‘…

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