Lilh Evelies (She Bears the Word)

Lilh is one of the main characters of Vocis Imago/Act of Faith. Originally, she was supposed to be the main character, but at one point I thought the story wasn’t going anywhere and she needed to become someone else entirely. That’s how I turned her into one of the kinds of humans I like the least: a religious fanatic.

In the world of VI/AoF, some peope have been ‘blessed’ with divine gifts (let’s call them superpowers) and Lilh is one of them. They’re called Ideals and they’re hunted for by an institution called The University of Ideals, which has the mission to find such people around the world so that governments can take advantage of their powers.
Lilh herself lives a terrible conflict: she firmly believes in a demiurgic goddess who writes the fate of everyone, and yet her ‘superpower’ is to cast curses. With nothing more than her will and words, Lilh can curse a person for life. Her theological doubt is wether she should consider her power an allowance from the goddes to write over her divine will, or like a curse from the Anamepsi, the unholy Mistake that taints the divine book of fate. Is she the thing she hates the most? Is her power displeasing to her beloved goddess?

Here she is depicted with her beloved holy book, the Vepujra Gotra.

She Bears the Word

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