Rebekah Ohksa Veharyla

Rebekah is a very important character of Vocis Imago/Act of Faith.

She’s a diplomat and the spokeperson of the Valkayan Light. She’s the Valkayan Voice.
She inherited her title from her father, who was killed by a rebel when she was just 13. Despite her young age, she had to take over his role and she quickly became an extremely skilled diplomat. Rebekah is devoted to her queen and she’s determined to do her job as best as she can, also because she’s extremely unhappy with her private life and work is the only thing that gives her satisfacton and purpose. Her education has been flawless: she’s learned on philosophy, politics, science, psychology and literature. She also had a good military education, being hers also a soldierly title. She can handle knives, bows and guns.

Rebekah is in love with someone that’s far away from her, someone she could never be with. Her mind clings on him to preserve her sanity, for he’s the only thing that motivates her to pursue peace. Being one of the most powerful politicians in the continent, she holds the destiny of many realms and nations in her hands.

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