The Valkayan Light

Lineart are something that take me some time to finish. They’re relaxing, but I can’t rush them. I’m also really bad at coloring them, that’s why I seldom do it. I have a complicated relationship with color, it’s just not my best pal.
Anyway, The Valkayan Light is a character from my novel Vocis Imago (which soon will be eventually renamed Act of Faith), and she never really appears. She’s a character in the background, you know, one of those who gets namedropped a lot but is never seen. She’s the queen of the enemy, queen of the beasts, a goddess-queen that incarnates the figure of Calacanto. She is the roklash goddess of freedom, independence, self-determination.
The roklash cult is opposed to the fatalist cult of Naheerjen, to which Calacanto is The Error, the mistake that taints the perfectly written destiny of any believers, is their devil, and they call it Anamepsi.

No one really know what she looks like, but rumors say that she has the head of a deer, a human body and is always wearing a golden mask.

This second picture is a sketch I did with watercolor pencils a few months ago. When I posted it on Facebook every one was asking me if she was Beerus from Dragonball Super. I was like “No, look, she has boobs, and that head is surely not the one of a cat”. Whatever.

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