Il ruolo dell’autore

For we need stories to survive, to communicate. No impulse, no story, no expression. Pen, be my sword, the sword of the screenplayer, the compass of the director that leads the actors to the top of the mountain. Sono il tipo di persona che si pone tante, tantissime domande. Quando trovo una risposta alle mie…


Your job is not a job

Since I was a child I’ve been told that “drawing” is not a job. It’s a stupid hobby and there is no chance to make a living out of it. In Italy there’s no market, nobody’s interested, nobody will publish your stuff. Well fuck them. Those were lies, and because of those lies I’ve grown…


A great tool for writing: Evernote

One of my biggest problem with writing – besides my tendency to be unbearably slow – was that I always had a hard time keeping my notes organized. In the last 15 years I’ve always kept my ideas, chapters and character profiles in word files, stored inside folders inside folders inside folders. I had the ‘characters‘…

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