Announcing HEX: a new comic

Sooo, I need to make an announcement!

For the first time in years I’m about to start working on a comic!


HEX, this is the working title, will tell the gothic story of a family and its house haunted by two demons.
The story was inspired by a dream I had a few days ago; when I woke up I had it written from top to bottom. It will take place somewhere in Valdichiana, which is where I live, because the comic will be published on the magazine La Valdichiana.

There will be esoterism, there will be love… stay tuned for more!


Concept and visual artist, writer, editor. Paving the way to my future. Founder of the Valdichiana Media company, freelancer. I have a conflictual degree in photography and graphic design. My current biggest interests are history (especially XVII century), chinese language and culture, astronomy and music. I play the piano really bad, I sing a tiny bit better, I compose little songs about cosmic void with too many time signature changes. Collecting doctors [in medicine].

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