Back behind the lens

A degree in photography cannot be just thrown in the bin, as much as my teacher did the best he could to push me away from the camera.
I find my place in a world in black and white and shades of grey.

I like to observe the tiny creatures that live in my garden, especially my (many) snails. They have tiny mouths and are generally kind with my plants. The iridescent bugs, instead, really do enjoy chewing on my rosemary, but there’s plenty for us all.

Concept and visual artist, writer, editor. Paving the way to my future. Founder of the Valdichiana Media company, freelancer. I have a conflictual degree in photography and graphic design. My current biggest interests are history (especially XVII century), chinese language and culture, astronomy and music. I play the piano really bad, I sing a tiny bit better, I compose little songs about cosmic void with too many time signature changes. Collecting doctors [in medicine].

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